Flex-Mobility Flow (backbend)
Artafarin N
Artafarin N

Flex-Mobility Flow (backbend)

Class description

In our class​​​​,​​​​ we focus on: the ability of the soft tissues to passively stretch and the capacity of the joints to actively move through their full range of motion​​​,​​​ Placing special emphasis on backbend​​​​,​​​​ This combination helps you move more comfortably in everyday activities and sports. Join us to feel more comfortable and capable in how your body moves. Class Suitability: open to everyone.. However​​​​,​​​​ it is specifically designed for those who have at least a basic level of physical fitness. Class Requirements: * Yoga Blocks * A Wall: You'll need access to a clear wall. * A Chair: A sturdy chair. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your flexibility and strength join our class today and take the first step towards a more agile and vibrant you!"


Persian (Farsi)


  • Flexibility and Mobility

Start Date

Tuesday, February 13th 2024, 2:00 am GMT

Class Duration

1 hour

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